An Ethereum Ecosystem driven by block validators, fungible and non-fungible tokens

Our nfts (Gems) allow anyone to gain access to Ethereum 2.0 Staking and Block Validation Rewards


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What does EtherChest bring to Hive?

How does Hive benefit the EtherChest Ecosystem? When choosing a Blockchain to serve as a proxy for our Ethereum validators we considered a few different options that would not only[…]

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Our Blog now includes HIVE integration

We have integrated @steempressio in to our websites blog so we can post to our #HIVE account. This update allows anyone with a Hive account to upvote, share and comment[…]

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Our Ecosystem is comprised of erc20 and erc721 token standard smart contracts running on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) on-chain and software and hardware components operating off-chain which Etherchest will[…]

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 Multiple Earning Paths

Our Ecosystem is comprised of Validator Wallets which are used to stake on the Ethereum 2.0 Blockchain. We provide a way for users with less than 32 ethereum to stake in on the Ethereum Blockchain within our Ecosystem and gain acess to three different earning paths, non fungible tokens, decentralized exchanges and NFT markets.

Our erc20 tokens (Ducats) effeciently allow users to use their dust to mint tokens, use them to buy gems from users and trade them on third-party exchanges. 

Our erc721 tokens (Gems) provide proof-of-ownership and entry to block validation rewards within the EtherChest Ecosystem

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Not everyone has 32 ethereum to start staking but has made it easy for every to get in on ethereum staking by allowing a minimum stake of 0.1 ETH.

Sell your stake to others using our custom EtherChest nfts.  You can use any nft market such as!

We keep your crypto secure and backed up so you can stake with confidence.

Staking is a fairly new concept. Click Here to learn more about ethereum staking and keep up to date with any latest information from the Core Dev team..

Owning staking rights in one of our chests comes with benefits such as voting on community projects.  

We have a unique opportunity to help the community by giving back our earnings and sponsoring dapp development on Ethereum.  When you stake with us you are also funding the future of blockchain technology.